An Update

It is with great pleasure that I share this update: I will be visiting with Dee and Cupcake this Sunday. We have a fun afternoon at an outdoor mall type place planned and I am very glad and relieved that we were able to work it into our busy schedules.

Very glad.

VERY relieved.

We will take our pictures, we will hang out, I will give her a little something (I have NO idea what yet, so if you have the perfect gift that says “this-is-from-your-first-Mom-that-lives-across-the-country-but-things-of-you-all-the-time-and-loves-you-and-hopes-to-visit-you-soon” that would be great!)

I still don’t feel like everything is resolved with regards to what I think the future looks like, but the incredibly time sensitive issue of a visit before they move has been taken care of.

I’d write more, but I’m pretty sure this is enough to satiate most people for today. 🙂



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17 responses to “An Update

  1. KatjaMichelle

    Glad you have a visit lined up, my immediate thought as far as gifts go is a piece of jewelry. Nothing expensive and of course something age appropriate, but maybe a necklace she can wear and know it’s from you similar to the charm you have that symbolizes her… Just a thought on my lunch break, it’s what I’d do if Kidlet was a girl

  2. Yay!!! I am so, so happy for you!!

    I’m not very creative, so the only gift idea that I can offer is a locket. You can put your picture on one side and hers on the other. Or some kind of cute, homemade scrapbook focusing on you and showing her who you are, what you like to do, etc. And you can throw in any pictures you have of the two of you. Although, I suppose you may not have time to put something like this together between now and Sunday.

    Hopefully you’ll get some other ideas 😉

    • TG

      I would totally do this, but yeah, might be a challenge on the current timeline. But I think I’ll do one including the pictures we take this weekend and send it! 🙂

  3. Really glad that you’ll be able to see Cupcake this weekend! My thought, gift wise…would be to give her something that would/could grow with her? Idk how I feel about necklaces/bracelets for kids, myself…but something like that COULD grow with her. Perhaps a particular charm on a chain (necklace)…and as she grows, you could get her a bigger chain to put it on?
    Maybe get her a couple of things. 🙂 I just know that I would have absolutely treasured something really special from my birthmom.

  4. That is not enough to satiate me… figures eh?

    I am so relieved you guys were able to make this work. I had no doubt you would move heaven & earth to see Cupcake, I just didn’t have as much confidence in Dee.
    I love Alicia’s idea of the locket. MG is absolutely obsessed with mine and always wonders why I don’t have a picture of her in it (mine is empty). Even if you only have old pictures to pick from, it’s better than nothing and knowing how my daughter processes things, I have no doubt that Cupcake will GET it and be pleased as punch.

    Big hugs!!

    • TG

      Haha, I guess I meant it would satiate the average reader, and we know you’re definitely not average 😉 (What is it with me teasing you today?? haha!) Glad to hear how much MG likes lockets!! I suppose there’s always a paranoid side of me that wonders how Dee would feel….would she feel excluded? But since a couple of Moms that I have uber respect for are giving the thumbs up I think I might just move forward on that!

      (Do you know where one would buy a locket??)

  5. Jaunna

    So happy to hear of your upcoming visit!

    Claires has cupcake jewelry right now that is super cute, ijs 🙂

    Also, I feel really dumb stealing an idea off of Teen Mom (Auugghh dont ban me from your blog!) but those recordable story books where you record your voice reading the book seem like they could be very touching with the right story. There is also build-a-bear where you could record a special message for her that I think can be really cheesy but also really sweet.


    • TG

      Haha, you won’t be banned 🙂 I actually already gave Cupcake a build-a-bear with a recorded message a couple visits ago. Something like that would be perfect for this, but I hope she still has the first one!

  6. heatherrainbow

    I’d start working on a scrapbook. Not for this upcoming visit… but in the future. Or, if you aren’t into crafty stuff, a photo album.

    As for this trip… definitely something with a picture, maybe in a locket.

    • TG

      I’m into making little scrapbooks out of brown paper lunch bags 🙂 I like them because you can pull out the inserts from the open ends (if you make these you know what I’m talking about) and can have trinkets in there, notes, etc. I think I’ll definitely work on that (once I find the time!)

      Now I just have to get some tiny little faces printed out for the locket 😉

  7. I’m so happy for you! and I love the locket idea too!

  8. SM

    WOOHOO on the upcoming visit…I hope that is all it can be:}

    DD’s BDad gave her a locket at the first visit….we thought it was precious

    I have a couple of ideas…….maybe a little matching charm or lockets for you, CC and Dee……
    Also….my DD has a beautiful large snowglobe with a fairy/angel inside that is also a music box from her first Mom…..she treasures it and can play the music at night before bed….she was about 5 when she got it and is 12 now and still loves it…..

  9. *tears*

    I have no good ideas for gifts but I am so glad to hear you have a nice visit planned. I know this doesn’t fix everything that is concerning to you but I’m glad that at least this is working out well; the rest of it hopefully can be dealt with later.


  10. Yippy! Yahoo! So glad about this visit!!

    I’m not great with gift ideas, but I have a thought that connects a bit with the locket idea. How about a charm bracelet? You could start it off with a few that represent things you’ve already done or shared, such as a heart with your initials on it, something with her birthstone, a fish, a little map of California. Then you could tell her that when you share special things in the future, she may receive additional charms. “When I come for your graduation from high school, I might give you one of those funny hats the graduates wear.” You could probably add links to make the bracelet bigger as she grows.

    I suspect there is a wide range of quailty and therefore cost for such a thing. It might be kind of cheesey, but I would have loved such meaningful jewlery from a special relative. I’m not sure where you’d get a charm bracelet before this Sunday, but I’d probably head to that enourmous mall to the south.

    Good luck! Remember that this won’t be your last chance to give her something meaningful AND that WHATEVER you give her will be meaningful.

    Can’t wait to see your photos. I bet your gorgeous girl has grown a bunch!

  11. Emily

    I was going to suggest a charm bracelet as well. The first one can be anything you choose that reminds you of Cupcake…maybe a cupcake charm?? And as she grows you can get charms to represent her interests….or yours!

  12. I love the locket idea and you can go to the mall and have it engraved at a jewelers, or even where you buy it. I gave lockets for adoption gifts to the God parents of my girls. You can engrave it to say… something really special.

    I am so happy for you, I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  13. Emily

    How did it go? I hope you were able to get some idea of Dee’s vision of the future!

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