Well That Probably Explains It…..

I’ve been kind of a mega bitch this week. I just feel gross and icky and unsettled. I can’t sleep. Work has been more of a challenge than usual, and I feel like I’m letting balls drop. I am in a funk. Things are just not going well. Long Board and I are good – but a bit strained now and then.

So today at work, I was processing an invoice when I realized it was November 22.

And that Cupcake’s birthday is November 23.

Ahhhh. Now it makes some sense. Of course, I KNEW that her birthday was the 23rd, I suppose I just forgot that the 23rd was already here…..

And she’s FIVE. Five.

Sometimes I just can’t believe how we got here….



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15 responses to “Well That Probably Explains It…..

  1. That is life, our bodies remember, even when we don’t (or try our best not to). I hope you are taking care of yourself and treating yourself well even if you’re a mega bitch to everyone else (something that’s totally acceptable in my book of wisdom.)

    A huge Happy Birthday to Cupcake tomorrow and lots of love sent your way.

    • TG

      SO true about our bodies remembering….it just baffles me the way that works! I don’t know why it always surprises me too….

      Thanks for the thoughts and love 🙂

  2. KatjaMichelle

    Five. Wow. Happy Birthday Cupcake and Happy Birth Day TG I’ll be thinking about you try to be gentle with yourself. Sending some long distance hugs your way.

    • TG

      RIGHT??? I remember when we used to talk forever ago about our kids. It’s just crazy. I WISH I had thought to take tomorrow off (we only work a half day anyway, so getting “sick” would be pretty obvious) so that I could be REALLY gentle with myself. Maybe next year…

  3. Emily

    Ah…can you get in touch with them tomorrow? Hang in there.

    • TG

      I’ll definitely send an email. Hopefully get up the nerve to ask for an address. Not sure when I’ll hear back, but I can hope 🙂

  4. Be kind to yourself tomorrow.


  5. usisarah

    I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow. I say go for it and ask for that address! Easy for me to say…

  6. I knew it was coming up but couldn’t remember the date. Hers is just a few days before Julia’s. Be gentle with yourself tomorrow & know that I am thinking of you & also sending very happy birthday thoughts to Cupcake. 🙂 xo

  7. Amy

    5?!?!?! wow!! She’s such a big girl now. 🙂 Happy birthdat to cupcake, and hugs to you tomorrow. Thinking of you.

  8. Thinking of you today. Sending hugs from all of us.

  9. Just saw this. ((hugs)) I hope you treated yourself well and I hope you get the address! 🙂

  10. I was thinking of you as well .Happy Birthday Cupcake..

  11. Awe, Happy Birthday Cupcake!! Hope the day wasn’t too terrible for you!

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