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A Birthday and a Beach House

Today is Long Board’s birthday. (Yay!) My favorite part about his birthday? He’ll be the same age as me again. There are three  and a half glorious months of the year where we’re the same age. It’s my favorite time of the year, haha! Not coincidentally, we will be getting married during this stretch. To get specific – it’s three months from today!


I’m torn between being completely stressed out and completely excited.

But there’s three months for that. So today. Today I go to work. And then I come home, get our things together, and get in the car to drive up to LB’s family’s beach house. It sounds lovely. But there’s always a “but.” As I’ve mentioned before, I just don’t get along that great with LB’s family. And they’ll be there. His grandparents, sister and her husband. And us. (And Thomàs).

I’m just so….apprehensive. I mean, I would like to go into this with a “hope for the best” mentality, but I just….can’t. I don’t know. I’ve probably got the wrong attitude about this.

And that’s not fair.

Part of it is also that we were supposed to have a relaxing weekend coming up at the cabin. I just found out that our “relaxing cabin weekend” will also be attended by the grandparents, the sister and her husband, an uncle and his two very outrageous children. LB claims it will still be relaxing, I say we need to adjust our expectations for the weekend.

I wish I was as good as LB is. I wish I could just blend into his family. The mean part of me wants to believe that he blends into my family so well not just because he’s a good guy, but because my family is so wonderfully awesome and normal. (LORD knows we are not normal). That same mean part wants me to not have to take responsibility for the ways that I don’t fit into his family. It’s not me being resistant! It’s them!

Who knows how true any of that is?

But true or not, I feel apprehensive about today. Less than thrilled. And I want to put on a happy face and be up to celebrating. I just don’t know….




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Countdown to Other Junk I’ll Probably Write About

9 hours – until I see my baby. NO, I do not mean LB. Yesterday we were all excitedly looking forward to our weekends and my contribution was, “I get to see my baby tomorrow!” My co-workers, that know me fairly well as the not so sentimental type looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears until one broke the silence and said, “Ooooohhhhhh, you guys, she’s talking about Thomàs…..” Everyone was relieved. Order was restored.

17 hours – until one of my events starts tomorrow. In Milwaukee. Where I will not be. I’m sure it will be wonderful – beautiful – inspiring and successful. But I’m still nervous as hell since it’s a first time event and they’re doing it without a safety net/someone to blame, haha!

22 hours – until I do a 10K mud run. What the hell were we thinking signing up for this? Two of my brothers, their wives, LB, my sister and I will be getting hosed down at8:00 am tomorrow before embarking on a 10K (mind you, I’ve never run a mile straight, so this should be exciting…) that includes mud pits and obstacle courses. We are totally bat shit crazy.

25 hours – until my second event I’m not attending starts. This one’s also a first time event, but it’s a small-ish golf tournament in San Antonio, and my event coordinator is experienced, and I trust this one is going to go off without a hitch. Having said that? Still a little nervous.

8 days – until I fly to Washington, D.C.!!! I’ve never been. I’ve been once when I was much too small to remember, and have always wanted to go back. Long Board is from back East, so we’ve always thought about going, but it just hasn’t happened yet. Then world’s collided and work decided to send me out for our Advocacy Days. Win, win! Flight gets paid for, hotel gets paid for, and I get to visit DC! VERY excited.

11 days – until I meet Long Board’s Dad. I couldn’t very well head out to DC without LB! So he signed up to volunteer at Advocacy Days and we’re making a trip out of it afterwards…including meeting his Dad. Yes, I’ve never met his Dad, and I thought it would be a nice thing to do. You know, before we get married this fall. It will also include visiting his Mom, which I hate to admit that I’m not all that excited about doing. It puts LB in a funk, I’m not all that sure that she likes me, and I just don’t know how to handle her yet. She’s very….judgy….and always says that I’m “fancy.” Which I don’t even get. I’m pretty low key, low maintenance. But whatever.

15 days – until one of our big events in DC! It’s not my event, but I’ll still be in town, so LB and I will be volunteering. If you live near DC, you’re into walks and want to be at a really awesome event, let me know and I’ll tell you what I actually do for a living, haha! (Best to keep that sort of thing quasi under wraps….)

15 days – until I’m back home as well. Is it bad that I’m already grieving the end of our vacation?

17 days – until we have a meeting with our reception venue. I’ve been trying to get my Mom (who’s got the contact) to set this up for months. But my procrastinator of a Mother wouldn’t get on it. Then she set up what was supposed to be a tasting but will just be some kind of meeting. I’m hoping this is the meeting where I can become the point of contact and not have to wait on Mom anymore. She’s just not always the most….reliable. Which has always driven me crazy, but when it impacts my planning of my wedding? Well, let’s just say that I see how some bridezillas are born….

23 days – until we go to yet another wedding of yet another friend that got engaged after we did.

28 days – until our two year anniversary. Awwwwwww, aren’t we adorable. Whatever, haha!

37 days – until Long Board’s first day at his summer internship. In other words, the latest possible date that LB would be living up here, with me and Thomàs, in our house – FULL TIME. Arguably one of the most exciting dates in the countdown!!

98 days – until my Bachelorette party. This will dominate a Wedding Wednesday in the future, so I won’t go into too much detail. But after thinking very long and very hard about all the things that I don’t want to do for the Bachelorette party that apparently I have to have (even though I don’t really wanna) I finally came up with something that is very “me” and that I can be very excited about! 🙂

106 days – until the first of my 10+ fall events, and the kickoff to our “crazy busy season.” OY.

127 days – until our wedding!!!

And with that, I stop counting ahead 🙂


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Adoption Free Friday: The 11th Hour

Okay, if I was posting this in my normal time zone, it would only be the 9th hour, but since I’m in Kansas for 24 hours – we’re on the 11th!

Since I’ve been up since 4am, I’m not particularly verbose either!

Enough numbers in this post for you?

So here’s a funny little story from my travels before I go to bed:

My co-worker and I arrived at the airport and were in a hurry to get to our hotel, freshen up, and get to our first event. We went over to the D0llar rental car stand and waited patiently for our turn. When it finally got there (how long does it take to check out a car? I swear!) we went through all the formalities – confirming our kind, price, and the ever present pitch to take them up on the weekend deal. “I can put you in a F0rd Edge for just $20 more a day!” I politely and patiently declined, saying we were only here for 24 hours, we’d be fine in the full size I’d reserved.

Which of our full coverage insurance packages would you like?

None, thank you.


Brought my own.

Buy the full tank of gas?

Only driving a few miles.

In other words, “No, I will not take you up on any of the options that may enhance your commission for the day.”

We finally got out of there and started walking to the lot. Out of curiosity, I glanced down at the keys to see what kind of wheels we’d be rolling in for the next 24 hours.

A picture’s worth a thousand words?

Believe me, my co-worker and I have said (laughed, cursed, exclaimed) far more than 1000 words as we cruise around in our 2010 Mercury Grand Marquis.

Lesson o’ the day: Don’t piss off the guy that’s choosing how you roll.


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Adoption Free Friday: Overly Polite Trolls

I’m going to take a detour from the kind of talking about trolls that I’ve been doing recently….

This time I’m not talking about the kind of trolls that want to be mean or pick fights.

I’m also not talking about the ones with the long, bright, Technicolor hair my friend Belle referenced elsewhere, giving me a much needed case of the giggles.

I’m talking about the legit ones that spam your blog with all kinds of nonsense that inevitably lead you to a site where you can learn how to enlarge your pen!s.

Only these current trolls aren’t leaving comments like, “xksophepw v!agra adlkjw183927.” No, they’re not overly obvious as spam really. Except that they’re WAY too polite. This current wave of spam (I’ve received like 17 of these so far today) are incredibly polite and flattering. Comments include:

Great thinking that really breaks the mold!


You’ve hit the ball out of the park! Incredible!


Very true! Makes a change to see someone spell it out like that!

And finally, my personal favorite:

Stands back from keyboard in amazement! Thanks!

And so I “delete permanently” these spam comments – that will STILL lead you to a website where you can learn how to enlarge your pen!s with a little bit of sadness. Because they’re definitely the nicest thing anyone will say to me all week, haha!!

But well played trolls! Because if you’re looking to get accidentally approved, I’m sure it helps if you’re incredibly complimentary.

Not sure that fulfills my promise of riveting today, but it’s been my chuckle for a Friday!


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Adoption Free Friday: I NEVER Thought I’d Say This

Well, I was originally going to write something light. Then I got pissed off and was going to forgo adoption free Friday and do a bit of venting, especially since I didn’t write anything adoption related this week anyway. Then I realized I was TOO pissed off to write what I wanted to write, so here we are, back at the not so serious.

I’ll see how I feel after the steam settles….

Anyway, back to what I NEVER thought Id say:


I miss having a washing machine.

Yes, I who hadn’t done a load of laundry until I was 27 and living in my second apartment, miss having a washing machine. I, who made a deal with my Mom when I was 17 that she would do my laundry until I got married. I, who thought it would be a pretty significant accomplishment to somehow live a life in which I had never done a load of laundry by myself….I MISS having a washing machine.

As I pulled towel after towel out of the backseat of my car last night, I groaned remembering the days when I had a washing machine just steps away from my bedroom door. At this point, I’d even be happy with a shared washer/dryer in an apartment complex laundry room. But no, LB and I have a laundry room that sits empty with the hook-ups staring at us as though begging to be used.

Until that day, I drive the short mile or so to my parents’ house, all of our laundry in tow. I try to do the laundry on my own once I get there, but Mom constantly tells me I’m doing it wrong. I’m putting too many clothes in the washer. I’m not separating correctly. It would just be easier if I let her do it.

This used to be the stuff my dreams were made of! I used to happily drop my laundry off with Mom and pick it up the next day, as though mystical laundry elves turned my pile of wrinkly clothes into delicious smelling, beautifully folded items ready to be worn. Hangers appeared magically and

But now I just want to do my own laundry! I don’t want my Mom to handle LB’s underwear! (Or mine?) “I can fold my own laundry, provide my own hangers – I’m a big girl,” I want to pout to her. ..which I realize defeats the purpose.

We could start going to the Laundromat, but Mom will surely get suspicious when her services are no longer needed; suspicious, and probably offended. It would be a personal affront, and she would not like it. So that’s how I find myself hanging out at Mom and Dad’s being criticized over the cardinal sins of laundry….

It’s also how I find myself extremely motivated to find a nice washer/dryer combo on craigslist for a low, low price. 🙂


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Adoption Free Friday: A Tale of Two Exes

First – a little pat on the back to myself if you don’t mind. I’d like to point out that with this post, I have successfully posted every single day this week!! (It’s happening!!! I’m getting back in the habit of this!!)

Okay, okay, I realize it’s the end of the day, so I’m pushing it, but I just haven’t gotten around to actually posting it until now!

Moving on…

Yesterday, I went to lunch with four of my girls from work. We had just come out of a beastly meeting and needed to get the heck out of the office for a few minutes. We abandoned our normal table in the kitchen and our Lean Cuisines and treated ourselves to paninis instead.

As we were waiting for our food to be delivered, I heard a distinct “TG!” over our frustrated chatter. I turned to see my old neighbor (Jack for those of you that may remember from some of my older posts) standing there! I haven’t seen him in probably a year and a half or so, but we were pretty close when we lived next door, so I was really glad to randomly bump into him. For those that don’t recall….Jack and I had what might be known as a “friends with benefits” type situation. It was brief, and it didn’t end poorly, just fizzled away as those things sometimes do. So there certainly aren’t hard feelings of any sort.

And yet… was INCREDIBLY FREAKING WEIRD when he started talking about how I was getting married. I don’t know WHY it was so weird. We were still friends when I started dating Long Board. The two of them have met each other. He’s got the same girlfriend that he had when we both moved out of the apartment, and I knew her as well. But when he said to me, “I heard you got engaged! Congratulations! That’s really awesome!” I couldn’t help but go, “Huh???”

I mean, if the shoe was on the other foot, I would have probably said the same thing to him. It’s not like I would ever in a million years think that there were feelings in any direction there. So I don’t know why it tripped me out a little. Maybe I’m just weird. Or maybe someone else can make me feel better by having been weirded out by this too. J

Okay, so Jack isn’t really an ex…and I definitely billed these as “ex” stories. How about this one?

Long Board has an ex that is…..not my biggest fan. Nor am I hers. I’ve mentioned her before in the wonderful wedding debacle. She may or may not be the reason that we instituted a “no exes” rule for the wedding. Really, the rule isn’t necessary. There’s no way in hell I’m inviting any of my exes and LB pretty much feels the same. But this one particular ex is in the same friend group with LB from college. And they all invited each other to everything. Which I suppose is why she thought it was necessary to start emailing people asking them what they think she should do ABOUT OUR WEDDING.

As in, “Should I go to LB and TG’s wedding or should I just decline?”

Uh, listen darling. Don’t waste too much time pondering this one. I’ll go ahead and make that decision for you. You’ve disrespected me quite enough for one lifetime, thank you. Don’t think I need to go and give you that chance on my wedding day.

(Though I will admit, that there’s a tiny part of me that wants to be a brat and say, “Sure! Come on! Watch LB get married to me!” J)

Look, if LB and his ex were on great terms and she wasn’t a total beyotch to me on a regular basis, I wouldn’t care. I really wouldn’t. He’s got another ex-girlfriend that could totally come if he wanted. But every time I think I should just give this one another chance, she does something irritating. Like the last time I saw her when she said, “Oh LB, thanks so much for your email. It meant a lot.” He said, “huh?” She said, “You know, the email you sent me last week. It was really great. So thank you.” LB: “What are you talking about?” “Um, the email about the bicycling….”

Ooooohhhhhh, you were trying to make a big deal about that time he recommended a bike route for the class trip you’re organizing? The one that you sent to about 10 cyclists that you know? The email that I completely know about but that you’d like to get me to believe was something private and personal? You’re just tacky.

Anyway – my lesson for the week is that ex-type situations can seem extra weird once you’re engaged! But I sure as heck am happy that I’ll never put another person in that “ex” category again!!


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And the Ninja Goes to….

Oh yeah, it’s necessary today. Welcome back Face Slapping Ninja.

1.  My WONDERFUL co-workers boyfriend. They’re in a long distance relationship that feels very familiar to me – except that they’re separated by a significant volume of water and only see each other a few times a year. Familiar because the long distance relationship is due to his education. Familiar because yesterday he thought it appropriate to convey to my WONDERFUL co-worker, via g-chat, that he’s confused and that they need to talk.

Look, I’ve been her. And it is horrible. It’s not even that the message is necessarily going to be a bad one, but uh – time? Place? How about a little consideration there? Also, he was doing his research so it’s not like he could carve out some phone time right then either. The bottom line is: you do NOT start a heavy and serious conversation on g-chat when your girlfriend is at work and you can’t talk to her on the phone for another 8 hours. At least when LB did this he had the decency to call me….

2.       Grad School Advisors. Yes, perhaps all of them. Probably because my WONDERFUL co-workers boyfriend made a bunch of yesterdays hard decisions right after talking to his advisor. Couple that with Long Board abandoning his plans to move up here last September after a conversation with his advisor, and I’m a little leery.

Then there’s the fact that LB’s advisor has often told him that it’s not a good time for him to be in a relationship. He’s told him that he shouldn’t be in a relationship with someone that lives where I do. He’s told him that he shouldn’t get engaged until he’s done with grad school. He’s told him that I’m a distraction. He’s told him that his education and profession should be priority one, and everything else should come after.

I understand some of that – to a point. And it might be different if I was demanding him to be up here all the time, but I’m trying my hardest to be uber supportive of LB and whatever it is that he wants. At the end of the day, LB doesn’t want his advisors life. He wants to spend time with his family and enjoy his wife and children. He doesn’t want to work 80 hours a week and have work be top priority all the time. But I know that these advisors are getting into our fella’s heads. And I’d like them to stick to advising about their schooling and their jobs, and maybe stay out of the personal life a little.

3.       The Co-Worker that Sits Behind Me. Look, she’s great at her job, and I do enjoy working with someone competent, but LORD has she been driving me crazy lately! We went to Wisconsin on a business trip together and after 24 hours I literally couldn’t handle it any longer. She’s like a child that asks a thousand questions, except she’s also moody and hostile.

At lunch: “Ugh, why’d they seat us HERE?” After an interaction with a volunteer: “What did she mean by that? Was she being rude?? Ugh!” At the bar: “Ugh, what’s taking the bartender so long? Take off your ring!” (As if the bartender wasn’t helping us because I’m a taken woman). At the airport: “Hurry, they’re going to beat us to security and I don’t want to wait.” While I was driving: “Why are you going that way? What are you doing? Did you put the airport in your GPS or the car rental??”

It. Was. Exhausting.

I swear I had a headache for a week because of it. And it’s like that all the time. She’s uber critical of everyone else, likes to send micro-managing “reminder” emails to people that she doesn’t manage, and has not one once of self-awareness. I need a nap just writing about it!

And with that, I think I’m too tired to go on!

Now accepting your nominations.


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