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Random Reason I Love Long Board #1 (and #2!)

Who knows, maybe I’ll just post this one. Maybe I’ll post a lot. I numbered this post just in case.

We were sitting on the couch, watching The Prestige.

Long Board had seen the movie before, but was really into it. It was just yesterday, but I already don’t remember if he said something, or did something, but something made me ask, “You really like Hugh Jackman, huh?”

I thought he was going to say something like, “Yeah, he’s a good looking guy” (PS – I also love that Long Board will admit if a guy is empirically attractive – title of post has been updated accordingly). Maybe, “Yeah, I really like his movies.” Even, “Duh! You know I love X-Men! He’s the perfect Logan!” I don’t know – one of the reasons people usually like Hugh Jackman.

Instead he simply replied, “Yeah, he’s a good Dad.”

He could have liked him for a hundred different reasons, but I gotta think this is the best, most touching one he could have come up with.


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Another Night, Another City, Another Hotel

I’m making my third stop in Texas in 22 days. I’ll make a fourth stop in December. And while I sit in another Texas city in another hotel, I don’t mind it. I mean, I miss Long Board – and there’s a part of me that is sad that our life as a married couple that never spent a night apart was so short-lived. He actually came along with me on my first trip, perhaps just to avoid reaching that fate even more quickly. But alas, last weekend I was apart from him, and as I sit in my Hy@tt watching CNN’s coverage of the Penn state scandal, Long Board is far away camping somewhere. In the rain.

Call me crazy, but I’d take my lonely hotel over a rainy tent just about any day!

And the truth is – I really enjoy traveling alone! Here are a few of the reasons why:

1. I do not have to consult with anyone else on what I want to do. I’m not sure where or what I want to eat tonight, but I’m going to decide without having to consult anyone else. And I enjoy that. I like reading on the plane without having a companion to talk to. I like being on my schedule, no one else’s. I’m even one of those losers that doesn’t mind eating either alone with a good book, or sliding up to a sports bar and watching the game by myself. I’m so rarely alone these days, that, well – it’s not all that bad!

2. Let’s face it, these are work trips first and foremost. The whole point is not about going out on the town (though sometimes that’s a perk: see reason 3!) I have a job to do. So when I walked into my room tonight my eyes honed in on the DVD player attached to the TV and visions of RedBox and chinese takeout danced in my head…..ah, a night in at a hotel. Get plenty of rest to get up bright and early and work all day. And if my volunteers call me and there’s an emergency, the only person who’s night get’s ruined/canceled – is mine. And that’s okay. It’s what I’m getting paid (sort of, ha!) for.

3. Being alone gives me a prime opportunity to hit the town and meet up with people! Okay, this sounds quasi-creepy. I’m not talking about some weird cheater-nonsense. I’m talking about many of you fabulous bloggy/internet people! I’m hoping to set up just such a meet up tonight/tomorrow. Now I just need to get my volunteers to give me the green light that everything is kosher tonight and that I won’t be needed….but I digress. Now sure, I can technically do this if I’m traveling with someone else, but not quite so easily.

I’m not sure how I would explain my internet friendships to my colleagues. There’s a sort of unspoken assumption when we travel together that we’ll hang out together. And since I’m friends with my colleagues, this plan usually works out just fine. We’ve met up with friends, family, etc. and it always goes just fine. But I’m not sure how, “Hey, wanna meet up with my friend that I’ve actually never met but know because I blog/write on forums about how I gave my kid up for adoption?” will go over with colleagues, or, say, my boss.

Long Board knows about my internet hobbies and has been with me on one of those “first meeting” situations. Since we had a second meeting with this person, I know that he wasn’t totally freaked out by it, but I think it threw him just a bit. I’m not sure he “gets” why I make actual friendships with people through this medium. And frankly, it’s just more comfortable for me to meet and spend time with these friends on my own. Maybe that’s wrong or whatever, but it is what it is for now.

So, I could mope about being stuck in this hotel room alone, or I could celebrate the solitude. Dream of RedBox and chinese food. Scheme to meet old friends for the first time. And be extra okay with this arrangement because it’s just temporary and I’ll be home on Sunday.


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Overwhelming Wedding Support

Someday I’ll stop blogging about all things wedding, but not today.

And don’t worry, not until I post some of those pictures I’ve promised you. 🙂

A few days ago, a dear friend posted this picture on her F@cebook:

I immediately “shared” it and commented that not only did I not update our relationship status for a week, but that I didn’t check F@cebook at all on my wedding day. (Nor did I check my Blackberry – a huge accomplishment in itself!)

Wanting to confirm that I wasn’t a dirty liar, I went to my profile and scanned down to October 8th.

My heart was warmed as I re-read all of the posts of congratulations and well wishes, and I realized how many of the amazing people that commented were folks that I’d never met in real life, but knew from my time online in adoptionland. Folks that I have met, but that were friendships that were foraged almost entirely online. It was a really cool moment, and I let it go without commenting. And I didn’t want to keep it that way.

So to anyone and everyone that wished us well on F@cebook – thank you. Truly, genuinely, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I could not be more touched that so many people across the country were thinking of us on that day. It’s beyond awesome.

Oh, and I confirmed that my first post was two days later, safely nestled on our Honeymoon, and I indeed updated our relationship status on October 15 – one week later, just like I thought. 🙂

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Welcome Back, Mrs.

Yes, I’m welcoming MYSELF back to blogging. I, once again, took a break.

Fun fact: Planning a wedding can be a full time job.

Interestingly enough, my actual full time job is more like a time and a half kind of job. So you do the math.

So for the past month and a half or so – I worked. I worked at planning a wedding. I worked at controlling my reactions to my sometimes crazy mother. I worked at planning and executing the five fundraising events I’ve had since then. I’ve traveled to Madison, Wisconsin and Austin, Texas. Even a brief stint in Vegas as a “mini-moon.”

And today I signed up for the Open Adoption Roundtable Adoption Bloggers Interview Project! Confession? I feel a little big bad for my partner, as yet to be assigned….I haven’t really blogged adoption much recently, have I? Though, I suppose the flip side of that is that there’s a whole lot of stuff they could potentially ask me about!

I thought this would be a good way to launch me back into blogging. That, and I’ve got all this “free” time now that the wedding is beside me! Well, unless you count purchasing and then writing countless thank you cards, putting together our “home” (something we purposefully neglected until post-wedding) and – holy crap – getting ready for holidays! Already??? HOLIDAYS? It’s a wee bit bananas if you ask me!

Now, before the assault of requests come (perhaps I flatter myself….) there will be a password protected post of pictures. Soon 🙂 I promise. I must admit, I LOVE my pictures. LOVE. It was really awesome to feel completely and totally pretty for a day and have someone follow you around with a camera so that you can prove it later. Can I wallpaper my house with these pictures of me looking put together? Please??

I suppose Long Board’s not to shabby either.

So since he’s not driving me crazy yet, I’ll say this: We’re completely and totally blissfully happy living together as man and wife. You know, with little speed bumps along the way! 😉

But truly, it’s been an incredible journey so far, and now I’m finally getting back to documenting it. If you’re still here after all of these trips off the grid – I’m impressed. And I promise to treat y’all better. I swear!



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Okay, NOW I Can Get Pregnant

A few weeks ago, Long Board and I were talking with my family about our plans for our future family. I think it was my Dad that asked him if he wanted to have children. His answer: “Of course!” Dad knew that babies were in our future, but didn’t know how immediate that future was. He asked, “So you want this to happen soon?,” and LB replied, “I’ve been trying to get her pregnant for years!”

Horrified, I slapped LB, rolled my eyes, turned shades that would make Crayola proud and tried to change the subject. But it’s true. Long Board has literally been trying to get me pregnant for years. (Well, two). He used to joke that he was going to be the first man to successfully trap a woman with a pregnancy. I tried to explain to him that’s just not how it works, but he was insistent.

Now, here we are, a couple months away from the wedding and he’s still on the baby train. The jokes have really been picking up steam over the past few months. Just yesterday I picked him up from work and said, “Guess what?” “You’re pregnant???” “No.”

And it’s not with horror on his face. He would genuinely be quite stoked by the idea. I’ve had to get him to pump the brakes on the whole joking about a pregnancy thing – not because I wouldn’t want a baby, but because I bought a wedding dress that won’t accommodate a person living inside of me. Now that we’re in the home stretch I’ve finally given him permission: do you’re best. At two months, my dress should still fit! No one will think we got engaged eight months ago to conceal the gestation period of an elephant! You already told my Dad you’ve been having relations with me for years! What’s the harm now?

Sometimes I can’t tell how serious he is about the whole immediate baby thing. We’ve got a date on the books as when we’d like to “pull the goalie” if you will, and it’s not like it’s THAT far off. Ideally, we’d like to get a little bit of time in for us both to be working, saving money, creating a little nest egg before we’re dealing with a different kind of an egg….but it wouldn’t be the worst thing ever if things happened ahead of schedule.

To the point where I almost want to give up on that whole BC thing…see what happens….I know, I know – normally that’s considered irresponsible. How did I get to the place where that is what’s supposed to happen? I haven’t ditched the goalie yet, but I’m definitely no longer scared of a malfunction, be it user error or otherwise.

What’s the worst that could happen? Long Board and I could become amazing parents!

What should be so scary about that?


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Wedding Wednesday: Me, Me, Me!

ETA: I’m an IDIOT and definitely wrote this yesterday (Tuesday), when I legitimately thought it was Wednesday…this week is CREEPING by…..

This wedding is like, really happening. For reals. And while much of the wedding planning has been “Long Board and I this” or “LB and I that,” there’s a lot of wedding “stuff” that he is completely exempt from.

Like I just got word that my first bridal shower invitations are in the mail!!!

Yes, I’m one of those annoying people that’s having two showers, but not by my choice! My sister, and Maid of Honor, are going to throw me one as etiquette suggests. Baby Sis has a few roles in this thing, and that is one of them. And one that she has been very much looking forward to. However, my Mom’s best friend and her daughter also really want to throw me a shower. My Mom threw one for the best friends daughter over a decade ago, and perhaps it’s again etiquette that says you return the favor. I don’t know, but here I am, with two showers.

So that’s happening.

Plans for the Bachelorette Party are well under way. To be honest? I was kind of “eh” about the whole Bachelorette Party to begin with. Since when did these become weekend-long events, I wondered. Is it really necessary to go out of town for an entire weekend of girly activities? And do I have to do girly activities? I drink, but I’m not a huge drinker. I get angry when I go out to a club and it becomes the pressure to drink more game. I yawn if it’s past midnight. I’m not the best party girl anymore. I think I left those days when I moved back to my home town….

Folks said we could do something more relaxing. A spa day. Wine tasting. Yes, and those things sound lovely…but….I don’t know. It’s not like I don’t desperately need a massage. And I won’t turn down a nice glass of wine. It just didn’t feel….I don’t know….me.

Then I got the idea of a lifetime. A theme so “me” that I don’t know how I didn’t think of it sooner. But is it Bachelorette Party material? I was almost nervous to ask my sister what she thought. It was pretty out of the box. My heart was set on this idea though. She laughed, approved, and that’s how we ended up with my:


Yes, we’ll be going to a tailgate for my fave college football team. Food and drinks all day, football in the afternoon, a PERFECT fall event. And I could NOT be more excited. We’ll still do some of the cheesy stuff: matching shirts, I’ll wear a stupid “Bachelorette” sash, we’ll giggle and be silly. But I won’t feel like it’s forced or that I’m out of place.

I’m very excited. 🙂

Let’s see, what else is “me?”

Oh, the dress fitting. Any day now my dress should arrive. Then I’ll have to go do the fitting, and if God is on my side, my new P90X regimen will have kicked in a little. I’m trying to watch what I’m eating (see: failure) and I’m trying to work out consistently (as in LB and I did one workout last night with one scheduled for tonight). We started P90X which is infomercial style workouts 6 days a week for like an hour a day. I’m not looking forward to this, but if it can make me look bangin’ – well, I’ll deal with it. I’ve NEVER been much into exercise so this will be quite the challenge for me. It turns out that eating horribly actually DOES catch up to you one day when you realize you can no longer eat junk food exclusively. For me, that day was a few months ago. It was depressing. Now I’m working on it.

I also need to work out that whole make-up and hair thing, but that starts WWIII with my Mother, so let’s just put that off as long as possible, mkay??


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Wedding Wednesday: Keep Calm

Last week I had a crisis. I had too many wedding things to do and they were all swirling around in my head without one dedicated place for them to land. Yes, I had my ginormo portfolio of all things wedding, but I don’t have that in my purse when I’m in line at T@rget buying air fresheners to keep Thomàs’ room linen fresh! I don’t have it when I’m at work at I’m struck by the fact that I haven’t heard back from the DJ! And gone are the days where I felt like, “oh, this can wait – we’ve got time.”

We’re past the 100 day countdown. The time to procrastinate is passing. So I rushed to the bookstore to find solace in the notebooks section. I looked and looked and looked and nothing was “right.”  Too bulky, the lines were too big, it was ugly. Nothing fit the bill. I gave up.

I went back to work and the wedding tasks popping into my head began to multiply. Post-its scattered my desk increased exponentially. I realized that giving up was not an option!

I returned to the same bookstore (what was I thinking?) and went back to the same place where previously I had found nothing. Then I saw a sliver of pink peeping out from behind a red notebook I had cleanly rejected earlier. I pulled it out, hugged it immediately, and I don’t think it’s been more than three feet away from me since!

(Yes, I accept that this might make me a crazy person. But Bridezilla I am not!)

It’s soft pink color. It’s calming messaging. It’s familiar theme. It grounds me when I’m losing my mind.

I immediately started jotting down tasks:

  • schedule cake tasting
  • schedule pre-marital counseling
  • confirm a back up officiant
  • select food for tasting
  • update wedding website
  • follow up with DJ
  • follow up with photographer
  • send sister bachelorette party list
  • find hotel for guests

And BAM, BAM, BAM – I started knocking stuff off. We’ve got a meal, we’ve got a DJ, we’ve got a hotel and on July 30th I will be tasting a Pumpkin cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting and salted caramel. Does life get much better than that?

Of course, this rash of accomplishments didn’t come without casualties. My Mother and I are starting the loving process of really getting on each other’s nerves. My Father has started to be passive aggressive in response to his feeling that he’s being “left out.” He’s also responding by ordering doves.

After a weekend absolutely full of my family, my parents decided that we really needed to get together to talk wedding. (Again). So that’s where Long Board and I found ourselves last night. It was actually productive, but not without some snapping, arguing, and pouting along the way.

As we drove to our house, to finally have some semblance of a normal night, LB said, “Well, I get why people say this is the most stressful time for a couple…”

I do to.

But we acknowledged it, went home, and sat on the porch. Long Board watered the lawn, I read a book on our stoop, and we both kept an eye on Thomàs who is allowed to sit on the porch. Looking at our little family having a peaceful night, it was easy to forget about the hectic week we’d just gotten through. And so I remember to keep my eye on the prize: Not the wedding, but the marriage – and a lifetime of normal nights. Like reading on the porch and watering the lawn at sunset.



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