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It Took a Haircut

I’ve been absent…again. As each day goes by I think I have a higher standard of what I “should” write about, or what is worth writing about.

Obviously, nothing has come up.

A few minutes ago I found myself so irrationally (maybe a little rationally) upset about something and I didn’t know what to do with it. I feel a FOOL for sitting at my desk trying not to cry about this, so I’m sure as hell not going to bring in my friends so that they can see how upset I am. I stared at a forum for a few minutes thinking, this is such a random/personal/weird thing that venting it there wouldn’t help…and then I realized – BLOG! They’ll “get” it.

And so, a haircut brings me out of hiatus.

How so? Glad you asked.

Long Board and I are getting married in 39 days. THIRTY NINE DAYS for those of you that feel the impact more when I write it out like that. For the past several months I’ve been closely tracking LB’s hair growth….how much it grows in a month, a week, what haircuts are best and determining the “perfect” length that it should be at the wedding.

You’re all bright people, so I’m sure you can guess what happened next.

Long Board went and got his hair cut today (without me) and it’s much shorter than we discussed.

Notice: we discussed.

Just this morning we talked about it in fact. He desperately needed a haircut and I was more than happy to go with him after work (we carpool these days). He said that he could just go to the Big Engineering Company barber where he works. Uh, no thanks babe. I was less than enthusiastic about him getting his hair cut there, much less without me there to oversee the process. He tried to assure me that this barber even cut women’s hair! So they MUST be qualified to cut his! I snarkily replied, “Is that why female engineers are known for their amazing hairstyles?” (Sincerest apologies to my female engineer friends!) Finally, I begged: “PLEASE, let’s just wait and get our hair cut tonight.” Still, Long Board resisted.

Finally, I caved. He told me how he was going to ask for the hair to be cut, he detailed the length he was going to request and said that he was going to request nothing that buzzes be used on the tops or sides to ensure that it wouldn’t be shorter than we wanted.

In case anyone is wondering what happens when you decide to not be a Bridezilla….I’ll fill you in: you end up with a fiance whose hair is entirely too short and only has 39 days to grow out. In other words – you’re screwed.

At the end of the day – I get it, it’s just hair. I just wanted LB to look like himself on our wedding day. To have his beautifully moppy head of hair that I know and love. When I picture Long Board at the end of the aisle, I just don’t picture him with this short cut. So is it the end of the world? Absolutely not. Will I get over it? For sure.

Could this have been avoided?


Admittedly, LB concedes that he screwed up and is trying to “fix it,” which is darned near impossible as far as I can tell. Short of making him take pre-natal vitamins (which I’m not above doing) he’s going to have short little hair on our wedding day.

On the other hand, I’ll have tons of pictures that will prove, “I told you so.”

Now that I think about it, those might come in handy over the course of a marriage….




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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Work We Go!

Today marks the beginning of a normal, grown-up, living together, working together life for me and Long Board. This morning, we got up before six, got ready side by side, hopped in my car, got on the freeway, used the carpool lane and drove to work together!

Yes, WORK!

LB is a full fledged employee.

Well, intern. But a paid intern, so I say it counts!

HELLO dual income! 🙂

He’s also working about a mile from my job which is incredibly convenient for carpooling. I even put a respectable amount of makeup on since I basically got an extra 25 minutes to get ready from the passenger seat. (Can I flat iron my hair from the car too???)



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As I mentioned “yesterday” (Tuesday), Long Board and I are doing P90X. My not-really-supervisor (my supervisors equal that manages the other team) lent me her discs because apparently I once said wistfully that I would like to get in shape for the wedding. I thanked her for the DVD’s with every intention of just not doing them. I have a motivation factor of about zero.

Then LB saw the bag that they were in and it was all over for me.

He FREAKED for them. Said he’d heard about it, always wanted to do it, was crazy excited. He rushed to the store and bought weights. He raced to Am@zon and bought exercise bands. He measured every doorway in the house to see if they would fit a pull-up bar. (Thankfully, our 1919 Craftsman was built to reject all such pull-up bars :)) He made sure we were ready.

Which is how I found myself spending my Monday night NOT getting ready for my regular night of dinner and Bachelorette, but sweating with a free weight in each hand. About halfway through, I was begging Long Board to let me stop. “Half an hour is way more than I would normally do on a Monday night!” No dice. “But, don’t you think we should ease into it?” Didn’t work. But at the end of the 57 minutes or so, we’d done it. I survived.

I went into Tuesday night’s workout with a renewed confidence. This is going to suck, but I’m going to make it.


Hello plyometrics!

This one had MUCH more cardio and was much more intense. Ironically, I was also much better at this one. My past in dance, taking yoga, attending cardio type classes at the gym worked to my benefit. Long Board, however, struggled. I didn’t gloat as I remembered how “easy” Monday seemed for him and how much I hated life. Well, at least I didn’t gloat outwardly….As natural as plyometrics might have come to me, it wiped me the heck out. At a couple points I got a little woozy, but had some water, shook it off, and kept on pushing.

Day 3 – Shoulders and Arms. Now, I don’t know if I’m just getting good at this or if I need to up my weight (okay, yes I do, I need to up my weight), but last night wasn’t too bad! We did 56 minutes or so of various free weight exercises and I was on top of the world. But not enough to do the “Bonus Round!!!” Then we had to do the 16 minute Ab Ripper X. (Uh, what happened to 8 minute abs????)

I can easily say that those 16 minutes were possibly the worst 16 minutes of my life. And I’ve given birth without meds. No joke.

But we did it!

Tonight is yoga – ahhhhhhh. Sweet yoga. (Allow me to live in utter denial and think that this is going to be relaxing, calm music playing, incense burning yoga from a peaceful hippy dippy era please. I completely realize that this will likely kick my ass JUST as much as every other day has).

It’s been only three days, but I’m doing it. I haven’t quit, I haven’t given up, and I don’t plan on it tonight. One day at a time, I tell myself, one day at a time!

As for results, I realize that three days is not enough time to see actual physical results. I don’t look any trimmer, I don’t weigh any less, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any results.

Oh no, I’ve had to VERY real results. Neither of which I am particularly excited about….




I’m hungry ALL. DAY. LONG. I wake up and I’m hungry. I need a snack mid-day. I have a lunch. Hungry again in the afternoon. I come home and I don’t eat only because I know we’ve got to crank up that night’s edition of the workout, then dinner.

Rinse and repeat.

After dinner we try to clean, read, maybe watch a movie. I begin to fall asleep. It’s not yet 10:00pm. As of Monday morning I was waking up by 6:00am. Ready to start my day with a pep in my step. Tuesday? Wednesday? Today? HA! I DRAG myself out of bed, sore and a little grumpy. Oh, and hungry. Remember, I’m hungry.

Long Board says that’s good. My body is hungry because I’m burning more calories. Upping my metabolism. The paranoid person inside of me wonders WHY I’m working out so hard in order to just eat more. It feels counterproductive. I’m assuming I’ll get into some kind of a groove where I can stay up past 10 and not want to eat my own arm, but I’m not there yet. I’m trying to eat good things when I do eat, and small portions as well. So hopefully it’s not all for nothin’!

And hopefully I don’t fall asleep on the parking lot that is my freeway home tonight….




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