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Well That Probably Explains It…..

I’ve been kind of a mega bitch this week. I just feel gross and icky and unsettled. I can’t sleep. Work has been more of a challenge than usual, and I feel like I’m letting balls drop. I am in a funk. Things are just not going well. Long Board and I are good – but a bit strained now and then.

So today at work, I was processing an invoice when I realized it was November 22.

And that Cupcake’s birthday is November 23.

Ahhhh. Now it makes some sense. Of course, I KNEW that her birthday was the 23rd, I suppose I just forgot that the 23rd was already here…..

And she’s FIVE. Five.

Sometimes I just can’t believe how we got here….



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Random Reason I Love Long Board #1 (and #2!)

Who knows, maybe I’ll just post this one. Maybe I’ll post a lot. I numbered this post just in case.

We were sitting on the couch, watching The Prestige.

Long Board had seen the movie before, but was really into it. It was just yesterday, but I already don’t remember if he said something, or did something, but something made me ask, “You really like Hugh Jackman, huh?”

I thought he was going to say something like, “Yeah, he’s a good looking guy” (PS – I also love that Long Board will admit if a guy is empirically attractive – title of post has been updated accordingly). Maybe, “Yeah, I really like his movies.” Even, “Duh! You know I love X-Men! He’s the perfect Logan!” I don’t know – one of the reasons people usually like Hugh Jackman.

Instead he simply replied, “Yeah, he’s a good Dad.”

He could have liked him for a hundred different reasons, but I gotta think this is the best, most touching one he could have come up with.

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Overwhelming Wedding Support

Someday I’ll stop blogging about all things wedding, but not today.

And don’t worry, not until I post some of those pictures I’ve promised you. 🙂

A few days ago, a dear friend posted this picture on her F@cebook:

I immediately “shared” it and commented that not only did I not update our relationship status for a week, but that I didn’t check F@cebook at all on my wedding day. (Nor did I check my Blackberry – a huge accomplishment in itself!)

Wanting to confirm that I wasn’t a dirty liar, I went to my profile and scanned down to October 8th.

My heart was warmed as I re-read all of the posts of congratulations and well wishes, and I realized how many of the amazing people that commented were folks that I’d never met in real life, but knew from my time online in adoptionland. Folks that I have met, but that were friendships that were foraged almost entirely online. It was a really cool moment, and I let it go without commenting. And I didn’t want to keep it that way.

So to anyone and everyone that wished us well on F@cebook – thank you. Truly, genuinely, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I could not be more touched that so many people across the country were thinking of us on that day. It’s beyond awesome.

Oh, and I confirmed that my first post was two days later, safely nestled on our Honeymoon, and I indeed updated our relationship status on October 15 – one week later, just like I thought. 🙂

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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Work We Go!

Today marks the beginning of a normal, grown-up, living together, working together life for me and Long Board. This morning, we got up before six, got ready side by side, hopped in my car, got on the freeway, used the carpool lane and drove to work together!

Yes, WORK!

LB is a full fledged employee.

Well, intern. But a paid intern, so I say it counts!

HELLO dual income! 🙂

He’s also working about a mile from my job which is incredibly convenient for carpooling. I even put a respectable amount of makeup on since I basically got an extra 25 minutes to get ready from the passenger seat. (Can I flat iron my hair from the car too???)



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Countdown to Other Junk I’ll Probably Write About

9 hours – until I see my baby. NO, I do not mean LB. Yesterday we were all excitedly looking forward to our weekends and my contribution was, “I get to see my baby tomorrow!” My co-workers, that know me fairly well as the not so sentimental type looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears until one broke the silence and said, “Ooooohhhhhh, you guys, she’s talking about Thomàs…..” Everyone was relieved. Order was restored.

17 hours – until one of my events starts tomorrow. In Milwaukee. Where I will not be. I’m sure it will be wonderful – beautiful – inspiring and successful. But I’m still nervous as hell since it’s a first time event and they’re doing it without a safety net/someone to blame, haha!

22 hours – until I do a 10K mud run. What the hell were we thinking signing up for this? Two of my brothers, their wives, LB, my sister and I will be getting hosed down at8:00 am tomorrow before embarking on a 10K (mind you, I’ve never run a mile straight, so this should be exciting…) that includes mud pits and obstacle courses. We are totally bat shit crazy.

25 hours – until my second event I’m not attending starts. This one’s also a first time event, but it’s a small-ish golf tournament in San Antonio, and my event coordinator is experienced, and I trust this one is going to go off without a hitch. Having said that? Still a little nervous.

8 days – until I fly to Washington, D.C.!!! I’ve never been. I’ve been once when I was much too small to remember, and have always wanted to go back. Long Board is from back East, so we’ve always thought about going, but it just hasn’t happened yet. Then world’s collided and work decided to send me out for our Advocacy Days. Win, win! Flight gets paid for, hotel gets paid for, and I get to visit DC! VERY excited.

11 days – until I meet Long Board’s Dad. I couldn’t very well head out to DC without LB! So he signed up to volunteer at Advocacy Days and we’re making a trip out of it afterwards…including meeting his Dad. Yes, I’ve never met his Dad, and I thought it would be a nice thing to do. You know, before we get married this fall. It will also include visiting his Mom, which I hate to admit that I’m not all that excited about doing. It puts LB in a funk, I’m not all that sure that she likes me, and I just don’t know how to handle her yet. She’s very….judgy….and always says that I’m “fancy.” Which I don’t even get. I’m pretty low key, low maintenance. But whatever.

15 days – until one of our big events in DC! It’s not my event, but I’ll still be in town, so LB and I will be volunteering. If you live near DC, you’re into walks and want to be at a really awesome event, let me know and I’ll tell you what I actually do for a living, haha! (Best to keep that sort of thing quasi under wraps….)

15 days – until I’m back home as well. Is it bad that I’m already grieving the end of our vacation?

17 days – until we have a meeting with our reception venue. I’ve been trying to get my Mom (who’s got the contact) to set this up for months. But my procrastinator of a Mother wouldn’t get on it. Then she set up what was supposed to be a tasting but will just be some kind of meeting. I’m hoping this is the meeting where I can become the point of contact and not have to wait on Mom anymore. She’s just not always the most….reliable. Which has always driven me crazy, but when it impacts my planning of my wedding? Well, let’s just say that I see how some bridezillas are born….

23 days – until we go to yet another wedding of yet another friend that got engaged after we did.

28 days – until our two year anniversary. Awwwwwww, aren’t we adorable. Whatever, haha!

37 days – until Long Board’s first day at his summer internship. In other words, the latest possible date that LB would be living up here, with me and Thomàs, in our house – FULL TIME. Arguably one of the most exciting dates in the countdown!!

98 days – until my Bachelorette party. This will dominate a Wedding Wednesday in the future, so I won’t go into too much detail. But after thinking very long and very hard about all the things that I don’t want to do for the Bachelorette party that apparently I have to have (even though I don’t really wanna) I finally came up with something that is very “me” and that I can be very excited about! 🙂

106 days – until the first of my 10+ fall events, and the kickoff to our “crazy busy season.” OY.

127 days – until our wedding!!!

And with that, I stop counting ahead 🙂


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Adoption Free Friday: The 11th Hour

Okay, if I was posting this in my normal time zone, it would only be the 9th hour, but since I’m in Kansas for 24 hours – we’re on the 11th!

Since I’ve been up since 4am, I’m not particularly verbose either!

Enough numbers in this post for you?

So here’s a funny little story from my travels before I go to bed:

My co-worker and I arrived at the airport and were in a hurry to get to our hotel, freshen up, and get to our first event. We went over to the D0llar rental car stand and waited patiently for our turn. When it finally got there (how long does it take to check out a car? I swear!) we went through all the formalities – confirming our kind, price, and the ever present pitch to take them up on the weekend deal. “I can put you in a F0rd Edge for just $20 more a day!” I politely and patiently declined, saying we were only here for 24 hours, we’d be fine in the full size I’d reserved.

Which of our full coverage insurance packages would you like?

None, thank you.


Brought my own.

Buy the full tank of gas?

Only driving a few miles.

In other words, “No, I will not take you up on any of the options that may enhance your commission for the day.”

We finally got out of there and started walking to the lot. Out of curiosity, I glanced down at the keys to see what kind of wheels we’d be rolling in for the next 24 hours.

A picture’s worth a thousand words?

Believe me, my co-worker and I have said (laughed, cursed, exclaimed) far more than 1000 words as we cruise around in our 2010 Mercury Grand Marquis.

Lesson o’ the day: Don’t piss off the guy that’s choosing how you roll.


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Adoption Free Friday: Overly Polite Trolls

I’m going to take a detour from the kind of talking about trolls that I’ve been doing recently….

This time I’m not talking about the kind of trolls that want to be mean or pick fights.

I’m also not talking about the ones with the long, bright, Technicolor hair my friend Belle referenced elsewhere, giving me a much needed case of the giggles.

I’m talking about the legit ones that spam your blog with all kinds of nonsense that inevitably lead you to a site where you can learn how to enlarge your pen!s.

Only these current trolls aren’t leaving comments like, “xksophepw v!agra adlkjw183927.” No, they’re not overly obvious as spam really. Except that they’re WAY too polite. This current wave of spam (I’ve received like 17 of these so far today) are incredibly polite and flattering. Comments include:

Great thinking that really breaks the mold!


You’ve hit the ball out of the park! Incredible!


Very true! Makes a change to see someone spell it out like that!

And finally, my personal favorite:

Stands back from keyboard in amazement! Thanks!

And so I “delete permanently” these spam comments – that will STILL lead you to a website where you can learn how to enlarge your pen!s with a little bit of sadness. Because they’re definitely the nicest thing anyone will say to me all week, haha!!

But well played trolls! Because if you’re looking to get accidentally approved, I’m sure it helps if you’re incredibly complimentary.

Not sure that fulfills my promise of riveting today, but it’s been my chuckle for a Friday!


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