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Thomàs Tuesday: Trusting Daddy

Thomàs is “our” cat. But until quite recently, he pretty much “lived” with me. Yes, LB would be up here on the weekends and would play with him and be the fun “parent,” but I was the one that came home every day at the same time, consistently fed him meals, and wasn’t allowed to pee without him.

I went down to LB’s for the long weekend, and didn’t want to leave Thomàs, so I loaded him in the car and we drove 90 miles, him curled up on my lap the whole time. (Almost). He adjusted to Daddy’s house very well, got used to a new litter box, and didn’t ruin anything.


Yesterday, of course, I caught LB dropping HEAPING amounts of soap suds on Thomàs leaving him a sopping wet mess (but it was so funny!) and then later trying to feed him beer. I mean, I know he’s not going to give a stupid cat enough beer to get drunk (mostly because LB wouldn’t want to waste the beer, haha) but come on! Let’s not teach him to try to drink from our drinks, okay?

Next weekend, I’ll be returning to LB’s place, so I did something that makes me….nervous.

I left my baby with LB! It’s only three nights – and how much damage can a little soap and beer do?? Right????

But here I am, at home, and it just seems so darned empty again! We got Thomàs because (a) we really wanted a pet, (b) we’re not planning on having a human baby right away and I think LB needs something to dote on, and (c) because I’m alone a lot, and I don’t love it.

So when I walked in the door, I instinctively put my foot by the door to keep Thomàs from trying to greet me outside on the porch only to realize that he wasn’t there mewing his nightly “welcome home.”

I got online and said to LB, “Our house is so empty! I miss you both already!!”

Now, I’m not a gushy “miss you, love you” type of gal. But the closer it gets to LB living up here, it almost gets harder that he’s not here. So close, yet so far away. And now no kitty for snuggles??? I mean, what’s a girl to do???

Thankfully, I quickly (very delayed) got a sweet (confusing?) response from LB: “For sure”

Really? For sure what? The house is “for sure” empty? Or I obviously would miss you both? Were you even trying to say that to me or did some wires get crossed???

The most probable answer: That kid is so distracted watching the NBA finals he has no idea what he’s saying right now, haha!

So I’ll enjoy this time – remind myself what a little shit that cat can be sometimes – and eat dinner without him trying to share/snuggle/play/get his head scratched. That baby LOVES his attention. I just have to trust his Daddy to give it to him…and go easy on the brews….

How we should be snuggling right about now…



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And “Baby” Makes Three

Warning: I might say some things people don’t necessarily like. To offset this, I intend to sprinkle in pictures so that you won’t be mad at me.

Like this one.

This seems like a good time for introductions. Everyone, this is Thomàs. He’s our new “baby” and I love him so, so much!! Long Board and I have long wanted a pet. Eventually, we’d like a puppy, but because of the long hours I work, because he’s often not in town, because we don’t have a yard, we moved forward with…….okay, I’m just going to say it….adopting a kitty.

Gratuitous picture of Thomàs:

I never really weighed in on the whole “adoption” terminology thing when it didn’t apply to people before. If I have, I can’t recall, so I suppose my opinion wasn’t that strong. After having gone through the process with Thomàs….I guess I’m ready to weigh in.

First: Words have multiple meanings. Lots of words do. Sometimes the meanings are pretty close. Sometimes not so much. Personally? I think it’s okay to use adoption in different contexts. I know this, because I get lots of different kids of articles in my Google Alert for open adoption. We adopt new technologies. We adopt pets. And yes, though some people REALLY hate it, you can adopt-a-highway.

Eeks, I know that one upsets some folks. And so, an offering.

Do I think that adopting a highway is the same as adopting a child? HELL NO! Obviously not! It’s a completely different thing, with a different definition. Like many words have. “Green” can mean a color or it can mean inexperienced. That’s the English language. I think that rather than fight against multiple meanings, we can just TALK about the different meanings and understanding that part of our language.

Second: Adopting Thomàs kinda reminded me of some processes in the adoption of a child. Now before anyone flies off the handle

hear me out….

The process of getting Thomàs was certainly a very short one. My approval process took four days as opposed to months and months. I had him in my home within the week as opposed to potentially years. So please know that I’m not trying to minimize the situation. But I think that it could be a good learning experience for a child to see a simplified version of an adoption process.

We filled out an application that asked questions about our home, who lived there, and questions specific to the ways that we would….parent?….. Thomàs. We were asked how we would deal with behavioral problems. We were asked who our veterinarian would be. We were asked who would take care of Thomàs if we went on vacation or should something happen to us. We were asked about our stance on declawing. They called our landlord to check that our house was approved and appropriate for our house – but they do full on visits in the home for dogs. Again – a perfect match? Nope. Is this as thorough as adopting a child? Again, HELL NO. BUT I will say that it wasn’t as simple as walk in, pick your cat, skip out.

So it doesn’t really bother me to say that we adopted our “baby.”

And sorry, but I’ve gotten used to calling him Baby all week. And to take it to the next level, yes, LB and I call ourselves “Mommy” and “Daddy.” No, we’re not delusional, just really excited to someday be parents. And since this is as close as we’re going to get right now, we’re enjoying it. (I’m more enjoying the cuddles than I’m enjoying the playful kitty nibbles, haha! But as I sit here with him snuggled up next to me, sleeping against my leg and the laptop, I will take all the nibbles he gives :))

Last chance to make my peace! (And I took this one just a moment ago to document our current snuggles!)


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Adoption Free Friday: The 11th Hour

Okay, if I was posting this in my normal time zone, it would only be the 9th hour, but since I’m in Kansas for 24 hours – we’re on the 11th!

Since I’ve been up since 4am, I’m not particularly verbose either!

Enough numbers in this post for you?

So here’s a funny little story from my travels before I go to bed:

My co-worker and I arrived at the airport and were in a hurry to get to our hotel, freshen up, and get to our first event. We went over to the D0llar rental car stand and waited patiently for our turn. When it finally got there (how long does it take to check out a car? I swear!) we went through all the formalities – confirming our kind, price, and the ever present pitch to take them up on the weekend deal. “I can put you in a F0rd Edge for just $20 more a day!” I politely and patiently declined, saying we were only here for 24 hours, we’d be fine in the full size I’d reserved.

Which of our full coverage insurance packages would you like?

None, thank you.


Brought my own.

Buy the full tank of gas?

Only driving a few miles.

In other words, “No, I will not take you up on any of the options that may enhance your commission for the day.”

We finally got out of there and started walking to the lot. Out of curiosity, I glanced down at the keys to see what kind of wheels we’d be rolling in for the next 24 hours.

A picture’s worth a thousand words?

Believe me, my co-worker and I have said (laughed, cursed, exclaimed) far more than 1000 words as we cruise around in our 2010 Mercury Grand Marquis.

Lesson o’ the day: Don’t piss off the guy that’s choosing how you roll.


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Wedding Wednesday: The Hardest Decision Ever

Okay, before someone bites my head off, obviously this isn’t the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make so pump the brakes before you crucify me. I also realize no one’s going to actually crucify me, so….well, this could go all day so I’ll assume y’all get my point!

I have spent the past four and a half months wondering about one question…trying to make one decision…People ask me about it constantly, eager to find out if I’ve finally come to some sort of conclusion. I always provide some kind of roundabout response that doesn’t really give them an answer. I change the subject just slightly so they move on to a new line of questioning.

So what is this decision that’s kept me up at night?

What are my wedding colors going to be???

Yes, it’s COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS that I have spent so much time and energy on a COLOR. Believe me, that is not lost on me.

At some point I decided, that it being a fall wedding, purple sounded like a good idea. (Seems to be the cool thing to do as well). Except I really dislike the color purple. I have NEVER liked the color purple. But I heard myself saying over and over again, “Probably like a nice deep purple.” But shade of purple was really up for debate. My favorite answer became, “Probably a purple with a wine name…you know, merlot….cabernet.” The accent colors changed with the wind. Orange. Green. Pink. You name it! I mean, I couldn’t actually get around to picking an accent color if I didn’t have THE main color.

And the color depends on so many things….what color can I find the bridesmaid dress in? (Helpful hint: need less stress on your wedding day? Have ONE bridesmaid!! BEST decision I ever made) What will go with my ivory dress? What will look good in the church? What will look good in the country club? What kind of flowers exist in that shade? I could go on forever with all of the different factors that have made me go back and forth on this issue.

Finally, some closure came this weekend. In a completely impulsive moment, LB and I decided that we should drive to Las Vegas for the day. My parents were already there and we thought we would surprise them. We called up my sister (that lone bridesmaid) to see if she was on board. If she was? We grab a bag and go. If not? We check ourselves and decide to not be entirely crazy.

She was “in.”

And off we went.

On Sunday, my sister suggested that we go dress shopping in Vegas. We went to the Miracle Mile of Shops and went into the first store. We saw a dress that we’d seen before – the first dress we’d seen before – that we’d considered. Mom LOVED it. LB wasn’t so sure about the color because he thought it was too muted. But we bookmarked it in our brains and kept moving. We walked the whole Mile. Then we walked through Bellagio. Through Cesar’s.  We got to the last set of shops in Cesar’s and found the first shop again. We went in. Looked at the SAME dress again. By now, LB had come around and liked the color. He decided that muted would be nice. We had been to weddings with bright aqua dresses and bright green. Thinking about those, he thought a more subdued color would be nice. (He was probably just tired of shopping for dresses!)

So there we were, MILES past the first store where we saw the first dress, finally agreeing that it would be THE dress. And, of course, they don’t have it in her size. Like they did at the first store. Miles away. So Mom and sister turned around, went back to that first store, and bought the dress, effectively CHOOSING A COLOR FOR MY WEDDING!!! (In case you’re wondering, LB and I were celebrating making a decision by gambling during this time).

One decision created a snowball effect and suddenly accent colors were coming together…an “inspiration board” was being designed (apparently these are a thing)…flowers can be chosen…a cake concept can be reached. It’s all quite exciting.

And now, to answer the question you’re all wondering: NO my kittens, I’m not going to make you all wait for curiosity to kill you. Here is the dress:

It compliments mine, fits into what we thought the color scheme might end up like, and the best part: it’s decided!


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